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Walt Disney Animation Event


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Hi there ,

I know there are a lot of od force's nanja in toronto so

I am wondering did anyone have a chance to attend the event?

I went there and from what I had seen I think WDFA is gonna rock in next few years .

I think the look department is doing a pretty good job.

Ohh and all the effect shots they mentioned use Houdini .

Overall , it was a great event with some good infos and free desserts.


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Really? We must have saw each other and never knew it as it was relatively small esp. at the desserts afterwards. (crap, does this giveaway my AI status?).

It was nice to know that there's effects done in Houdini in Chicken Little, the tornado effect. But then it's a recurring Houdini effects theme. :)

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Remember who else is on the list now...the EYE watches:)

actually I didn't know about it either...



What the? This forum is getting more cryptic by the moment.


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Wow .. I guess the people who made the event didn't plan out very well.

There were only like around 30 people who attended the event.

It's pretty small group compares to the size of the room.

I got a email from toronto siggraph mailing list.


didn't know you were there.

damn , It will be nice to get intouch with you .hehe

so that I can beg you to show some cool houdini tips and tricks for cave man .. :ph34r:

Walt Disney Animation Event!

Thursday, April 21th at 7:00PM at the University of Toronto

On April 21th, Disney representatives will be giving a presentation to

the Toronto Siggraph Chapter. The presentation will provide an in -

depth view of the backend production departments at Walt Disney

Feature Animation including Look Development, EFX, and Shot Finalling.

Process evolution from legacy films to cutting edge technology used in

current releases will be covered along with a comprehensive look at

how our artists utilize creativity, problem solving skills, teamwork

and a variety of software tools to create stunning images for Disney's

animated films.

Extra detail will be provided on a powerful tool set our group has

developed for the creation of shaders and texture maps in the Look

Development Department.

In addition we will be giving you a sneak peak at some of our films

currently in production.

Please join us for this exciting event on:

Thursday, April 21th at 7:00PM

Dessert and coffee will be served following the presentation

The event is being held at the University of Toronto

89 Chestnut Residence/Conference Centre

Colony Grande Ballroom, second level

89 Chestnut, University of Toronto is located south of Dundas Street

on the east side of Chestnut Street.

Subway Routes

>From Bloor/Yonge Station or St. George Station

Take the train southbound to Dundas Station or St. Patrick Station.

>From Union Station

Take the train northbound to St. Patrick Station or Dundas Station.

Dundas Station

Walking west on Dundas Street, Chestnut Street is at the 2nd set of

lights west of Yonge Street.

Time: 5

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Don't worry. It will return as soon as I'm done with my Houdini basic training and have returned to Houdini User - Ninja Class! :ph34r:



edit: Besides, it's never stupid to fight over Disney invitations :lol:

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well one thing I found seriously wrong when they said they houdini is used only for particle simulation- WHICH IS WRONG.

I wished they used it for their animation pipeline, would have opened doors to a lot of possibilies.

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  • 3 weeks later...

haha.. disney loves T.O. :P

If you missed the last event in April, the folks at Disney Feature Animation just sent us a message to let us know that they will be coming back next week. I'm attaching the message below.


Walt Disney Feature Animation

- We had so much fun in Toronto, we want to come back!

We were recently in the Toronto area meeting folks for our upcoming theatrical releases (being produced in Southern California) and we had such a good time, we want to visit again!

If you are a Visual Development, Story Artist, Character Designer, Look Dev TD, Look Painter, Modeler, Character TD, EFX Artist or Character Animator or Lighter/Compositor, we want to talk to you!

Please join us for a look into our upcoming releases:

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

7:00 p. m. - 10:00 p. m.

University of Toronto

Colony East & Centre 2nd Floor

89 Chestnut Street

Toronto, Ontario M5G 1R1

Coffee and Deserts served

RSVP required to: tiffany.herrington@disney.com or kevin.waldvogel@disney.com

Please email your resume to Tiffany (in .doc format) at:


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