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HDR Light Studio?

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Probably speed. I can't even find a system minimum requirements. Is it CPU based or GPU based? It looks like it might be trying to undersell Clarisse which is comprehensive after lighting application and more.

For $445 you might as well just get Redshift or Octane (IMHO) then you don't have to export geometry to another app and deal with any fall out from that process.

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I've used it. It's great for static models, architecture, industrial design, etc. I stopped upgrading it when they switched to a subscription model so I haven't followed it over the last couple revs. The standing complaint has always been that it's really pricey for what it does and that is still true. If you do product renderings all day long in Modo or something, probably worth a go. Also in its favor, the learning curve is as flat as they come so you'll be lighting models straightaway. You can accomplish the same in Houdini but with significant more overhead (lighting setups, renderers, render settings, etc.) 

Hope it helps. 

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check this :



Hdr light studio is a nice tool , but only if the cost was around 300-400$.

They ask 1500$ for a floating license.

Kinda ridiculous for a python tool that just allow you to composite latlong hdr object in an elegant way.


if you're not lighting cars or packshot product all day long i would not spend so much $ for this




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Op. Thanks for the replies. Yes will definitely purchase (and attempt to master) Redshift before investing in a lighting package.

Thanks for the link to the (free) environment editor tool. Looks quite useful!

Rohan Dalvi also has a great tip in his lights render intro tutorial on using a cop network to simulate the HDR lighting effects you get with HDR Lightstudio.

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