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9 minutes ago, Skybar said:

What is that exactly?

Slack is a communication platform like IRC, and "Skype Teams." It is similar to an aol chat room of sorts of old, and a forum hybrid, but a lot more modern. Imagine a permanent Skype or hangouts window at work for your team, for different task, you can post links, images, hip files, pin them so they don't get lost, etc. It's a constantly running conversation. It's something not to supersede say the main forum, but it's a faster communication platform. 

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Guest nodeway

I'm against it. Slack is a bad platform to build community on. Better use Discord. Let me introduce you to some pluses and minuses of both platforms.

Both, Slack and Discord, have mobile apps, and can be used directly thru web browser without any app.


Slack cons:

- no dark skin version

- it's a team based platform, there is no forum like role management there

- if you are subscribed to multiple Slacks, you have to remember name (name of Slack, not your login name) and password to each, if you want to view them on a completely new computer on which you didin't had Slack setup (in app or browser). You really want to remember multiple passwords and/or names?

- integrations on free plan are not usable with bigger communities

- UnrealSlackers (UE4 Slack where Epic devs also hangout) moved on to Discord

- invite system sucks. You can automate it, but it's still very bad and you have to setup it thru external extensions (on Zapier for example)

- to manage all settings you need to use browser Slack version

Slack pros:

- there is a search (but in free plan it's very limited and with bigger community it will very fast become not usable)

Discord cons:

- no search at the moment (but they are working on it)

Discord pros:

- dark skin version

- it was made to handle communities, that means real role management (you can do really cool stuff with this, especialy once you merge it with custom Bot that can automate many things, for example, channels visibility, accesibility for members with different roles and so on)

- you need only one login and password to view all the Discord servers to which you joined

- it's a platform made for gamers (and SESI wants Houdini to succed in game world)

- there is UnrealSlackers UE4 server

- there is a voice channel support from begin of the platform existence

- very good invite system (built-in)

- you can manage all settings thru mobile app


Here you can read why UnrealSlackers moved to Discord.


On a side note, I'm working on Discord server with custom Bot (written in C#) that will focus on Houdini. I was thinking about luring there couple admins from Odforce and SESI devs + community manager (Mr. Ben Mears, are you reading this?), so we could build finally proper community on a realtime platform. If you guys are interested to work on it, give me a sign.


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I ain't opposed to Discord either, I just have more slack accounts. Albeit if there is an "Odforce" discord/slack I would rather it be setup via the same team that runs the site. There are a couple third party slack/discord groups already for Houdini. It be nice to have a semi-official portal that is common to all new people that is easy to find and see. A direct SideFX one as opposed to Odforce wouldn't be bad either. 

As far as Slack I actually haven't had any login or user end issue, the windows app and the android app have no problems for me, even with multiple teams i.e. multiple logins. You can quickly switch between all the teams and get notifications from both. However since I'm not a site admin, I don't have to deal with invite people. So I can imagine that could be a pain, but if you already host a website and forum it's not too much a stretch. As far as Games, one of the slacks I'm on is run by a lot of Game people already, plus there are some Games/Houdini folks and maybe a few film, VR and commercials folks too...  


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Guest nodeway

I know ablout couple cases where people forgot the name of the Slack to which they joined. And finding it months later.

Recently I build myself small, power efficient workstation + I was using some other person computer browser. I had to chase all the Slack channel names to which I joined, to view them on each, because I didn't remembered them all. With Discord I just logged in and I didn't had to remember name of any.

There are Polycount, Unity and UE4 Discord servers.

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I love both product , for intranet i would prefer slack over discord because you can plug it with tons of external app like trello appear.in etc ...

The fact that you have a session with password etc is also better imo ...


For something to tchat in realtime and exchange i would prefer discord because the UI and the multi topics system is great.

For an exchange platform i agree that discord would fit a little better ...


Both product at the end are great and similar ...



Thanks for the UE4 link very informative ...

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I've never used discord, but I'll happily take a look. We used to have an IRC channel that was sort of semi-official :). It would be nice to have something like that back. I'll investigate and see what it would take.


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