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Deform Scatter over Surface of Geometry

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I have been trying to deform scatter point over the surface of the geometry, 
What would be the way to deform or slide scatter or give slide scatter points with offset over time on the surface of the geometry ?

I have tried with color texture and it worked, but i am looking forward for the VOP method,

can someone guide me over that ?

I am still to houdini and trying things out. 


Thank you,

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I do not get your question what do you mean "deform scatter point". if you put a scatter after a the geo has been deform or animated the scatter points will deform with the Geo. Or you mean offset the points up in Y.

Sorry I do not get what you are trying to say, can you post what you got so far.

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Ok. The easiest way i can think of would be to take a scalar (1-dimension/greyscale) noise, write it to an attribute called 'density' using an Attribute VOP SOP and attach it to a scatter node, then check 'density attribute'.

By offsetting the noise to time (you need to pass it through a float to vector node) you'll get animation.

This can give the appearance of movement by changing the density of the scatter, though the points do not actually move. If you need points to move then VDB Advect Points is what you'll need, but it's a bit more involved to set up and how you calculate your velocity field will depend on the effect you have in mind.

I'm sure there are also ways top get POP particles to slide along geometry, too. But I prefer VDB Advect Points.

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44 minutes ago, Sepu said:

Here you go.

If you want to do in Vops just add a noise to Color.



Thank you, It seems pretty simple now.
I wasnt converting my float values to vector, maybe thats why it wasnt working.

Thank you Guys @Sepu, @br1 and @shawn_kearney



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