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Intersection position of 2 spheres


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I'm trying to find the position where 2 spheres intersect eachother. Just a location in the middle. If they both have the same radius it's pretty straightforward, I put both centroids into a Mix VOP with bias at 0.5. But if they're NOT the same radius I just can't figure it out. I suppose I need some sort of bias towards the smaller sphere, but I don't know where to get that from. I'm sure it's possible to calculate somehow from the centroids and radii, at least I think so but I can't get it right. Dialling it in manually doesn't really work when the spheres move. Does anyone have a clue?

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You can point a normal from one sphere's center to the other and multiply that by its own radius plus half the overlap of the spheres radii.

float rad_1 = ch("../sphere1/scale");
float rad_2 = ch("../sphere2/scale");

@N = normalize(@opinput1_P - @P);
@dist = distance(@P, @opinput1_P);
@diff = @dist - (rad_1 + rad_2);
@ibtw = rad_1 + ( @diff / 2 );

vector pos = @P + (@N * @ibtw );
addpoint(0, pos);


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