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Cloth to Alembic - UV Missing

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Hey guys, I really need some help here,

I'm in the middle of a project and can't export the simulated cloth with proper UVs (exporting it as alembic / must work in Maya)

Here are some statements about the situation:

- if I export the grid mesh, with no simulation, the UVs are read correctly outside of Houdini;

- if I export the simulation, directly from the dopimport1 node, it doesn't work outside of Houdini;

- the UVs are ok when I import it back to Houdini (and unpack the geometry);

- the cloth is gettin' ripped on my original scene, this way I can't use an attribute copy to get the uvs from the original mesh (since it's point count is changing);

- If I import it to 3ds Max, it work's at the first frame but as soon as I run the timeline it get id of the uv. I can get the 1st frame uv to stick to the object if I add an Unwrap UVW modifier to it. Tried to export it from Max to Maya but it doesn't work;

I did a quick test here in a much simplier scene, with a plane only and get the same problem.  The scene file is attached + 2 exported alembics (with and without simulation)

Thank's in advance ;)

Cloth Problem.rar

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trying to make everything clearer ;)
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