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Disable the smoke source visibility


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Hello, friends


I have some question about smoke.

Here is a picture with a problem



It is a simple simulation made from the shelf with a torus as a source.

The question is. How can I disable the visibility of the source torus shape at render?

For example, I want to create a smoke for the smoking character in the movie. So I will put the source in front of his mouth and make the simulation.
But when it comes to compositing of the render, it looks unrealistic because I can see the source shape.

Is there any way to make smoke become visible smoothly after emission?




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You usually hide the source where you can. In this case you might put it inside his mouth instead of in front. You could also make the source less of an obvious shape, or even try subtract it after the sim. Or create an age field to mask with. 

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14 hours ago, ITdreamer said:

Well, I know that we always try to hide the source. But what if I can't hide it.

Skybar, I like the idea of an age field. Can you explain more deeply how to create this, or make some simple example?

Don't really have time to now, but I think it's been done a couple times here if you search for it.

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