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Generating Albedo, Displacement maps

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Well the main advantage is a matched set of maps that you can plug into a PBR or Disney style shader. This way you can spend less time constructing the shader and more time on the maps. Having matched maps is also a nice way to compare various render systems. You can use the same maps in Renderman, Mantra, v-ray, Redshift etc.. and get basically the same look.


What I can't figure out about the Awesome Bump program is how to actually paint with it? It just seems like a previewer.

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Some objects are difficult or impractical to model and using maps are the only practical way to create them. Coins are one example I've run into recently. Modeling a quarter with George Washington on the front would be really impractical and it would take a very long time but some photographs of a quarter and an application like AwesomeBump make it practical and pretty quick.

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