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Delay start of DOP

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Trying to delay the start of a simulation until a specific frame is reached.

Using the following Vexpression inside a POP Attract SOP in my AutoDOP network.

Can anyone tell me why it isn't working? ie no delay is happening, the effect starts on frame 1.

Also tried $FF instead of $SF.


forcescale = -500;



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I have encountered some situations where a sim will not work right if you delay activation. If you go up one level, the entire dopnetwork, itself, has a start frame. If you run into bad behavior try setting the dopnetwork start frame instead.

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hmm..just foolin' around again...and realised that you could set this Start Frame to a negative number....

anyway, found another way....Activation = 1, Force Scale = if($SF>10,-500,0) (this way you get 2 values of force)

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