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Is this render time normal? (Noob Q.)

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Hey man, thanks. Though my density isn't even that high. I was following this tutorial where she puts the density up to 3000 (ive placed the clip at the point she does this so no need to scroll the TL

) and it updates instantly. Mine struggles to render it and i'm running a 6950x. Could it be that she's using a GPU renderer? Or perhaps i've not configured the software properly (or something?) As a noob i keep thinking i've missed some vital settings configuration.  

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I think you may be right - literally just twigged that this might be it.

Attached is the top view of a hat for a character. You can see the scale of it in relation to the x axis just above it (in between -63 and -62).  In your opinion, is this size ok (for a hat)?



Screenshot (726).png

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Well, if you put down a standard box, that should represent 1m x 1m that you could use as scale reference.
Looking at your screenshot, I'd say that's a pretty big hat, around a meter squared - if those units on your grid are at meter scale.

Incorrect scale can cause problems for DOPs / Cloth / volumes and also rendering, so It's not a bad idea to have a human model that is scaled correctly in Houdini units, that you can reference.

Hope that helps!

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