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Cool Animation: True Color


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This was shown at siggraph in the electronic theatre. Very cool. Just as excellent on the big screen.


Darn! I should've gone to the ET this year. Hope it appears on the DVD, then. Does anyone know more details about it? Anyone know the renderer? It looks like a Max/V-Ray or Arnold job, no?

Some of those scenes are really big- for Ambient Occlusion, that is.

Anyhow, technology aside it's still an amazingly high-quality piece.

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Yeah! True Color is a great short.

I have seen some supinfocom's students short in an animation festival here in Spain, one month before Siggraph, at Mundos Digitales.

True Color wins the price for the best animated short film, and another great short "Worki'n Progress" wins the special price.

They very smart and artist guys.

Both True Color and Work'n Progress have been done using 3DStudio, but i can't rememnber the render used in the projects.

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