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save each class seperately


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a bit complicated to explain, but I'm sure its an easy stuff for you. I want to save classes from an fracture setup seperately for further, later use.

I use a delete SOP with @class=`$F` as group identifier and delete the unselected. So I can save out in a file sop each class seperately.

BUT: in my solution it misses "class0". How I could mange this in the delete sop.... @class=`$F`-1 (btw wont work cause about the syntax. What would be the right syntax for it?)

AND how I could solve this whole dilemma in a single attribwrangle? 

Thanks in advance




also tried with a wranglenode before the delete:


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Not in the computer right now but in the delete node should be $F-1 (since is just pretty much an id for prims or pts) (if you havent changed anything before) if not you can re name the  in wrangle i@class + 1

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my worm from my head yesterday is gone...:)

Yep thanks. That was I'm looking for; but yesterday... no chance.

well, Its not very elegant. Want to solve it via hscript and/or vex.

Thanks to both. The once help I'm missing now is the pointwrangle approach. Would be great if someone could support me here as well.



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