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Installing Nuke plugins linux

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Thought I'd post here as I don't seem to have much luck on the foundry's 'new' forums. Post a couple times this past year and not a single answer!

Trying to simply install a demo version of PG Bokeh to Nuke 11 NC on a Linux (Ubuntu) system.

Conflicting information.

First tried simply copying to home directory,keeping original directory name and renaming to simply 'pgBokeh'


Then in my node graph tabbed and enterer  selected 'Update' then return

No Bokeh or PG Bokeh is available!

Further googling came across this page on the Foundry's website


which suggest I should have  a directory as follows



Sorry, there is NO directory labelled /NUKE/x.x/plugins/ in my setup.


Can anyone help?

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I'm not even sure if Nuke NC can import custom plugins, last time I checked, it didn't use any compiled stuff. 

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