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Pyro Collisions - beginner question

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I'm just starting out with houdini so would really appreciate any help.

I'm trying to create a fire burning within a building scene, but I just can't get the collisions to work with my factory building. I'm using fluid source from the building geo, then piping it into the pyro solver and sourcing collision from it, but the fire still burns through the building. I can see something in the collision field when I turn on visualisation in the pyro object, but it's showing only very small patches of the geo being used as collider. I need the fire to burn and billow out through the windows of the building. What am I doing wrong please? I would be grateful for any tips, thanks in advance!



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you need lock the the File Sop. or upload the Factory_External_MainBuilding4.obj for us to see it.

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Thank you so much Atom! It works beautifully now. I'm going to dig into your setup and try to understand it. Thanks so much for taking the time to help.

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