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Cloth attach constraint jump


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in your Cloth Object, go to Visualization, enable Collision Radius...you've got ginormous blue balls !!!

go to Collisions, dial down the radius...waaaaaaaaaay down...0.001 something like that....turn off Visualization.

Also in your Constrained Points...why hardcode ? Why not put in there constr instead ?

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Collision radius was the issue, thank you Noobini!

Why not put in there constr instead ?
It was just leftovers from scene changes, sure I will use group in the constraint.

I have another question related to this scene. I set up cloth simulation only and then I notice the wrong scale of my objects, so I scale them down, but cloth behavior changes dramatically.
Is there a way to get the previous behavior with a new scales? (You can see in previous behavior attached mov file)


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Nope, all parameters inside dop depends from scale, but scale after sim its better because often scene scale up before dop sim to avoid small scale solver errors then scale down. Nothing dangerous in this way))

But yea, basically you should change all params that you use for tuning the sim and check all tolerances and collisions sizes))

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