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COP network to MAT/SHOP referencing not working?

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Hi, can anybody confirm or invalidate my suspicion that op: expression in shaders context (mat or shop) cuurently doesn't work? I know syntax has been a bit inconsistent between different Houdini versions but right now in 16.5 it doesn't seem to work at all for me.

i tried:

op: /obj/copnet/OUT

op: "/obj/copnet/OUT"

"op: /obj/copnet/OUT"


and many other mutations of the same thing.


thanks, D.


file attached just for case


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Have you checked your output size from COPs? (I don't have Houdini in front of me so I can't review your file) There is a size limit for COPs output on an Indie license. If you exceed that output size then the transfer will fail. Try a smaller size COPs output like 1024x1024...?

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47 minutes ago, malexander said:


that is what I tried initialy. then I was trying countless possible variations on that until I came to conclusion it probably doesn't work in 16.5.

is it working for you guys in hou 16/16.5? that is my general question, whether it is a bug or something wrong on my side.

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This works in 16.5 if your COPnet is in /img/, or if the COPnet is inside the geo container of the object that is being rendered. So possibly this is a problem of the COPnet texture not being included in the IFD write when it's in the /obj/ root?

Just tested in 16.0.736... it doesn't seem to work correctly here either if the COPnet is in /obj/ root. Also make sure that your path doesn't end in a slash after "OUT".

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