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Bullet Going Through a Mechanical Heart


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I'm trying to achieve a particular effect which I though would be relatively simple (see attached image.)

I have a shot I'm working on where I have a mechanical heart and I want a bullet to go straight through it without losing impact, shattering the heart as it goes.

I have pre-fractured the heart geometry with voronoi and used glue to anchor it in place. I then did a simple RBD sim as you normally would when fracturing objects.

However, when I used a sphere as a placeholder bullet with initial velocity, it just bounces off the heart. Even when I increase the mass of the 'bullet' it still bounces off.

My question is, how would you approach this? I'm completely lost.


bullet smash.jpg

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I would just animate the bullet and treat it as a collision object.

If you absolutely have to sim the bullet then I would treat it as two sims, one with just the bullet, then with the bullet as a collision object for the heart.

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Try taking your drawn white arrow line and turning it into a 3D line with many points on it. Then point replicate after the line resample to produce a line with a noisy cloud of points running through the heart. Try to keep the point count managable because you are going to use those points as input to the voronoi fracture node. Then you should have fractures whose smallest pieces are nearest to the path the bullet travels along.

At this point just glue your fracture together and use the bullet/sphere to break it apart.


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