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cull spheres based on bounding object

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Hey All!

I'm importing a bunch of animated spheres through alembic inside houdini, and I'm trying to delete all the spheres outside of a bounding object, this simple setup works but it culls points so I end up having half sphere deleted and the other half still on. How can I tell to keep or delete the whole sphere, without having half of it. it could be something like "if the center of the sphere is inside the bounding object keep it, otherwise delete it", or "if at least one point is deleted, then delete the whole sphere"



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while visually it looks fine...to me it's testing for intersection against the sphere centres...not its surface/volume...so if the cutoffs is just slightly into the surface...now it won't qualify as 'to be deleted'

I've done a workaround here..where it cuts as before...leaving holes in some spheres...then I check for 'holes'...if you have a hole..you're gone !!!



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