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voronoi fracture, how to avoid straight segments


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22 minutes ago, toadstorm said:

Keep in mind that if you plan on simulating these pieces via Bullet / Packed RBD, you will probably still have to voronoi shatter each individual booleaned piece and then glue the pieces together in order to create reasonably accurate convex hulls.

Is it significantly faster to sim with a larger number of simple convex hulls than one complex concave?

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I'm assuming you meant concave shapes? Either way, from Houdini's Bullet Solver docs:


Collision of concave shapes is known to have some problems, and is not fully supported.

It's possible to get satisfactory results with concave collision objects, but in practice you're better off with convex decomposition. 

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Nope, I mean convex shapes. I know it looks weird and the simulation shouldn't look right but, if you have a lot of pieces it's impossible to notice it has a "wrong" collision shape. Concave is too expensive on calculation and do cause a lot of problems.
In this situation, with just a few pieces, you could break each piece into smaller ones to have a better collision shape. You know what I mean? Then you can glue the smaller pieces together to form the big piece with a better (but not perfect) shape.

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