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Spiral Gas Target Force?


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I have two spheres in the scene, a large one and a small one. The large one emits smoldering density while the small one attracts density and gobble it up with a sink.


The gas is directly drawn to the target. I would like it to spiral as it approaches the target.

Does anyone know how to achieve a spiraling gas target effect?



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The issue I believe is your sink force is too strong, causing your curl noise to be flattened out i.e. all the shredding and turbulence options in the pyro node. A quick hack would be to rotate your small object 90 degrees to be vertical and reduce your  sink strength, and then post rotate it after the sim. Alternative you can make the gravity and buoyancy force on the axis for that smoke object. You are pretty much there.

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After playing around with this all day I managed to get some spiral action by creating a line between the two objects and using that as a SOP source for a Gas Curve Force. The Orbit Scale creates the spiral motion. I seem to have lost the funnel shape, however, and I don't really feel like my sink or divergence field are working correctly anymore.



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You could try just applying the second effect you have to that sphere+funnel as a modeled shape. A polygon sphere with a soft peak pulling out the pole, and then perhaps a clip plane to extend the shape over time. 

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