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particles creating objects


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hey all!

I'm starting to think on how to replicate an effect like this one attached. I'm starting to think about particles attracted by an object, and when particles are close enough or hit the object they inject opacity into the mesh and reveal the object itself.

In houdini I'm starting with a simple POP attractor, but I'm having some back and forth elastic effect with particles (I supposed that is due to the pop force node that is keeping particles moving...). So what I'm trying to do is something that is snapping particles to their goal once they are close enough, and also how can I tell to the particles to get the color of their goal from the beginning, and how to kill them when they are close to the goal, and also how can I transfer the hit information to the mesh so I can make it appear...so many questions!

thanks to anyone who can drop an idea!


SAMSUNG Pixel_1.mp4

SAMSUNG Pixel_2.mp4

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doing the opposite and then play it backward was my first idea (and probably my maya approach)...I was hoping in something a little more interesting in terms of setup. Anyway if I do the classic "disintegration effect" still some of my questions are there...the main one is how can I emit and remove the mesh area that has already emitted some particles...but I think there are plenty of tutorials about it!

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The Pixel_1 reference, the butterfly wings, looked an awful lot like a mask reveal to me. I don't think there was actual geometry deconstruction/reconstruction taking place. I think they kicked out a matte Id pass for the wings then used the particles to "paint" reveal the id matte. The second one looks more like there might be possible mesh reconstruction occurring.

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hey Atom, well yes it could be like you said. to do the butterfly shot my approach would be to create a proxy geo of the wing, project the footage on it, get the color info and proceed with the sim. then get a clean plate of the background and reveal the "real wing" as the particles are coming close to it. I can do it with an actual emission from the wing and then play the sim in reverse, or try do actually attract the particles to the wing in order to build it...of course even in this process at the end of the day you just create a map to reveal the shooted wing...which is one of my doubt...I guess the approach is the same as creating a wet map...get particles closer to the surface, when they hit it get a white pixel to drive the alpha of the wing that will appear

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