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Animation From Frenchop's Tutorial


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I started this from frenchOP's break tutorial, and decided to add some particles just for the fun. No fancy stuff but I guess it still looks cool.

Thats quite beautiful, Andz.

I'd love to see more abstract stuff done this way:)

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Thank you for the nice words guys!!

I was trying to write .bgeo files from the particles, just to speed things up, but it seems like the Non-Comercial edition is unable to do that. Is there any other format this can be done? Just like .ncpic files?

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Just heard my name.. ( or rather saw it). :)

Cool job Andz!

This smooth abstract art really remind me of this quite "meditative" animation displayed at siggraph and freely

put on the Internet Archive site.


BTW, my tutorials are now hosted at cmivfx.com.

http://cmivfx.com/tutorials.asp ( tuts number 39 and 40 )

about finding something to replace the .bgeo export, i thought of Channel rendering, but once again, this is not allowed in H. NC

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...one day it will finish  :P  and I'll post it.


Attached is the file. When ever I try to render with motion blur, Mantra fails. The weird thing is that it only occours on the early frames.

Can any one help me find out what is going on? Every thing goes well if I turn off the blur.

Thank you.


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And here is the Hirez.

Animation (quicktime 30Mb)

Unfortunately I had a hard time trying to render this, I did the animation longer, but my comp. could not handle it. I had all kinds of crashes so I had to babysit this thing for days. 512 Mb of ram wasn't enough for the task i guess.

The other thing that bugs me, is that levels are way off then what I see inside houdini. I'm not sure if it is the .MOV compression, conversion, etc... or just the player.

Maybe I'll get back to it when I get an upgrade.

Cheers all!

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