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Primitive extrusion group from voronoi fracture

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I fed a simple grid to a voronoi fracture node (fracture points and geometry source both from the same grid object)

& it made some pieces. Great! How can I group the pieces in order to use it for a followup extrude node? I want to extrude and slightly inset the pieces... like a brick pavement or stone wall type of operation...

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The inset on the polyextrude node doesn't work properly with the Cut Plane Offset... clustering doesn't work either.

I had it working yesterday but I forgot what I did in the process of trying many other things... not sure if I added a connectivity node or partition or a group node... & now I can't remember lol


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I tried with connectivity & still keep getting weird artifacts... but I think I figured out the source of the problem... it's the voronoi node itself. It's outputting overlapping primitives with normals facing up/down randomly... so that's why it won't extrude properly.

The thing is I'm using the same grid object as the fracture geometry and voronoi points... not sure if this is causing the problem... maybe I need some kind of cleanup node like a fuse or polydoctor... idk, it was working 2 days ago and now I can't figure it out...



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YES! Exactly this! I was missing the divide and facet nodes...

And now I recall where I had seen the voronoi pattern examples...


In case anyone runs into this problem, that example has some nice setups for quick patterns. Thank you guys :D


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