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Give me varying trail lengths per point

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Hello Guys, 

i am struggling with something and i am asking for help. 

What i want is quite simple in theory. I have points from a particle sim and i want those points to have trails that have a different length for each point - can be totally random, but should the length should just differ in some ways. 

I am unable to change the length in the trail sop for each point - i tired a for each loop over every point and using the "iteration" etc. but somehow could not get it to work. 

I also tried to use the points as source for another particle sim, but also that way i did not find anyway to have them emit particles in a trail like way and having different lengths. 


Also the particles then got new IDs, so it is hard to group them (to get lines from the add sop via attribute) 

Same with the sourceptnum - there are sometimes points from the same source point emitted (with time in between) and they should not go together. 


I have attached a scene file that hopefully further clarifies my issues.

My request/challenge would be - take this scene and give each point a different trail length and connect the trails to a line! 

All the best! 




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Hi fencer! 

Thanks for your file - i definitely like the non linear motion version! Looks really good! With the linear version i only have the problem, that the lines get drawn the moment the particle is created. 

The non linear version is great though! Thanks for the help! 

On a side note - should it not somehow also be possible with the popreplicate? I found another thread that got a similar example using the older split pop node. 

Anyway - really liking the solution! 

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This is also a nice solution - pretty straight forward with the wrangles. Thanks for posting the file.

I am happy to see there was not one button i missed or something like that. Another thing i did is just grouping the points based on the rand(@id) and divided them into a few groups. 

With each splitting off to a different trail sop. Not the most elegant way, but what the hell. 

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