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Lockheed Martin

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The team I work with has some full-time openings. We use Houdini for part of our pipeline and we're wanting to grow it. I can answer some general questions but I'm not the hiring manager.

462928BR - Full Time

462927BR - Full Time

462583BR - Full Time

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hahahahaha this is overhelming, lockheed martin hiring houdini artist??? this is like the nasa hiring blender artists...  ive heard they have secret hiperadvanced technology not seen yet by the humand kind.. 

they are so advanced that is hard to think that they want to do some misile trails for animation hahaha :P:P   

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16 hours ago, CinnamonMetal said:

I would have never thought; please post when available. 

The job listings on this other thread (linked below) are still open.


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