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question about UVs [Resolved]


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Hi guys,

i would like to know if it's possible to add 2 or 3 differents uvs (..maybe more) on an object and name it uv1 uv2 uv3.. And then call it in my shader like uv1 for noise texture, uv2 for wood texture, uv3 for logo...

Sorry if it's a silly question :)


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Yeah why not, try it.

edit: I mean if you want different materials like that you probably have to do it another way.. But just different textures with different uvs it should be fine. Maybe need some way to mask between them though if they're overlapping. Sorry maybe I was too fast to answer :)

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for exemple in Softimage you can attrib multi texture projection to an object and for each texture map you can set the uv you need. Sometimes you need a projection for a logo and an other for your texture (exemple for bump..) It's helpfull and fast when you don't have time to unwrap and work on uvs..


Thank you guys ;)


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works the same in houdini

in nodes like UV Project or UV Texture you can specify the name of the uv attribute, it can be any valid name

then in shader use UV Coords node and put the name there, it will pull "uv" attribute of that name

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Hi Anim,

thank you for your time, I'm doing this but doesn't seem to work.. Here a simple scene, Perhaps i'm doing something wrong or Redshift doen't understand uvs attribute..

Ps : Thank you MilesS1, I saw this tutorial, but it's more like what Anim said, what i need.

Thank you for your time.


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