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Filecache HDA with easy versioning, naming, and reviewing

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I made this HDA to streamline the process of versioning caches. It will automatically produce a file path and file name for your cache, and load it back in once it is exported. You can flip through different versions easily by using the version slider, or using the 'Create File Node for This Version' button and wiring the file nodes up to a switch node. You can write detail attribute strings to store notes about the cache such as simulation parameters - very useful when referring back to old sim caches.

At the moment this is a non-commercial HDA.

Download link down this page beneath the video. Get at me with thoughts, comments, questions etc. :D



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Nice tool :) I find really interesting the idea to save notes as detail attributes

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This seems pretty nice, but using it will make my project non-commercial? I would think that someone using this would probably using it for some sort of commercial purpose, so it seems sort of like a waste of a perfectly good tool, no?

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