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Fire on the ceiling


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to create an effect of fire burning under a ceiling, looking something like this:



As far as I understand the phenomenon there is a layer of gas floating between the air below and the ceiling above. It gets ignited and starts burning at the interface between air and gas. The flames rising up create this kind of nodule structure by constricting the gas into little pockets. This is the theory but I'm completely stumped on how to create the actual effect. I've tried creating little pockets of fuel but the pyro sim simply burns into them, disregarding the fact that there should be no air that makes combustion possible. Does anyone have some experience with this kind of simulation or at least an idea how to tackle it?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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@gangland @ericsenecal I have basics that I'm 100 sure ..also i need only velocity on points(that travel like snake's on grid that i use transfer to volume attribute)  and I'm converting v to tangent-u and updating velocity in Dop...
need just to investigate more om temperature and Basics on pyrosolver ..I'm only working on curves in Houdini so it gonna take time for this experiments and new Area to learn  ...:wub:



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