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House fire sourcing Pyro


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I am trying to achieve an effect of fire coming from a window. I am unsure how to approach this. The goal is to have a flame that comes out of the window, and smoke drifts slightly to the left. 

Currently i have a deformed sphere, as my source geo. It looks ok, but i feel like there might be a better way. Any suggestions are appreciated. 



Reference at 3:00 


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I appreciate the replies! Im not sure i understand whats going on in that file. Why do the particles point away from the windows, but the fire goes towards the windows? The particle sim, is very small compared to the pyro sim. Why does it still work?  And what is controlling the direction of the fire? Im pretty much starting with 17.5, so could that be the issue? Things look alot different. 


When it comes to smoke, should i emit from the fire, or just create another sim that just emits smoke? And if i want to control the smoke, from the fire, is there a way i could do that without changing the fire sim? Maybe im wrong, but it looks like when smoke is being created from the fire, that the settings control everything. There is no separate set of parameters that only control the motion/shape of the smoke, and leave the fire alone. 


Also im more looking for how to start the fire. Id like to know how this would be done "professionally". Like would the source come from the geometry of the building? Source from the window glass? Put geo on the floor, like a campfire, and go from there? Is that the correct way to start this, or if a deformed sphere like i already have work for my needs?

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