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Hollowman Scene

MIguel P

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Hey Miguel.

Its looking totally awesome.

Personally I think the rain particles after hitiing the body look somewat big in length when they are leaving the trail on the body.

But the the concept is cool and u nailed it.

Nice work.Cheers :thumbsup:


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Hey, Miguell,

May I ask in which way (technically) is this set up different from your previous scene? Did you add some kind of inter-particle attraction (to make their traces unite)? (at least that's what I was going to do after vivisecting your scene).

nice work!

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Hey, Miguel

Thanks for sharing your pops setup. It is definitely useful to know the limit of complexity, or the tools to choose, in order to achieve this or that effect. As always with Houdini there are many ways leading to the same goal, though some ways are an overkill, while others provide just what you need.

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