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Moana Water Separation Scene


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Hi, this is my first post here, so just tell me if I'm posting on the wrong categorie or anything!

Ok so basically, I'm a 4th year animation student, and I need to recreate the scene from Moana where the sea splits, just like the images below :MoanaHelp02.thumb.png.73411deaffb65d8bc5238b632d6316c2.pngMoanaHelp01.thumb.png.94f03832640ace3f4e7b972538602e94.png


My problem right now is for the ocean : I need to not simulate the water and make it by myself with a mesh.

What I've done so far is making a geo out of a curve, and put a mountain node to it to make the wave effect. But I think I need to use something more specific, like a vop that would allow me to to control the noise effect with a ramp, so I can chose wich part of my sea is more or less influenced by the noise, but I have no idea how...

If you guys have some tips, or know how I could manage this problem, that would be great!

Thanks a lot!


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You can blend (using a little Attribute Wrangle/VOP, for example) between a smooth surface and your noisy surface using a point attribute.   You can create that point attribute in a million ways, and so, again, using an Attribute VOP to create it using a Ramp Parameter against the  u value of the curve, and make sure the value is swept onto your geo.

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