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Redshift Volume Motion Blur need Help!

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Hello people! 

I'm currently trying to render pyro exoplosion with the motion blur in Redshift and I didn't succeed with any of my aproaches. I tried Convert to VDB , and then Merge Volume in Velocity mode with the motion blur ON but nothing works yet. I found few HIP examples but they neather don't work. Is there anybody who ever did this? Too bad there's nothing about it in the Redshift official documentation too. Please help 


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This is a known issue with Redshift. As in, motion blur on volumes does something, but the results are not accurate. From what I understand the devs are working on updating the volume tech to add support for things like multi-scattering, so hopefully we'll see a fix for this as well.

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MB on volumes in RS just doesn't work at the moment. It tries to "smear"/"displace" the volume using the velocity data but it's not great to say the least. Maybe there's something you can do to the data and render out some kind of motion vector pass or something? I don't know

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I had this same issue, In order to solve this, make sure you are saving your cache is VDB not as bgeo, 
Enable Use velocity grid option and put vel in the velocity.x if your vel channel is merged. 
That's it; it will work.

This is good forum about it



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