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bitmaps controlling glue strength in RBD


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I'm trying to set up Houdini 18 SOP RBD systems combining different fracture methods together going into one rbdbulletSolver.  I have everything working but one element I would love to add is the ability to control glue strength with bitmaps.  I know there are clusters and procedural ways to vary glue strength but for art direction purposes I would like to use a grey scale bit map to color points scattered on geo in proximity to the constraint primitives, change their color to the grey scale values, then use those values as multipliers of a strength value.

In this example file I am coloring scattered points with a color node instead of bitmap to make the file easier to but it should work the same way.  Tutorials I've found are not working for me.   Hoping to find some help.



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You got a few things wrong with your setup. First of all the constraint attribute `strength` should be a primitive, not a point, so after the wrangle, I promote to primitive the attribute. Also, your wrangles were set up to some group that it didn't exist, also one of them was connected to the wrong path. One more thing in the `rbdconstraintproperties` you can set up the strength to 1 since is gonna be a multiplier to the wrangle above. 

I color the nodes in red that I fixed for you. 






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