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flock systems collisions and rotations

dyei nightmare

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How can you do this kind of flocking?    i mean,  i know  how to do the cohesion-separation-aligment  thats not an issue ...  but what i dont know is how to  program collisions, so the flock system turns back very smoothly in the edges,  and the process to avoid obstacles in that very smooth way,  how can you do it?  










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On 22/7/2020 at 7:45 PM, Librarian said:

No @dyei nightmare trust me.. those solver its inside (you can't see because its points )
or just watch Asian Dude jhorikawa





thanks,  i did many test with those nodess, and i thought those were a black boxes,  pop obstacle did nothing for me, but i found another way,  is basically the same logic of those nodes,    

i cant get yet the result of my first example but i have now a clear idea on how to achieve it,


thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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nah, i cant get the armonic pattern  in movement he is getting,  my tests are more chaotic,   one thing i notice is that some people is using: 

vector cohesion += targetPosition;   

and it depends on the method;

the built in tools "steer nodes" cant do the very delicate and cordinated movement of a fish crowd :(  

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