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Boolean outside camera area?


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what do you mean by boolean outside camera area? if you are talking about removing all objects that are outside camera frustum then you have to get the camera frustum by some method (using volume or calculating it via vex or vops) and then use it with your geo in the boolean node.

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vector _ndc = toNDC("/obj/cam1", @P);

float _ox=ch("ox");
float _oy=ch("oy");
float _oz=ch("oz");

if ((_ndc[0]<0-_ox)||(_ndc[0]>1+_ox)) removepoint(geoself(), @ptnum);
if ((_ndc[1]<0-_oy)||(_ndc[1]>1+_oy)) removepoint(geoself(), @ptnum);
if ((_ndc[2]>0+_oz)) removepoint(geoself(), @ptnum);




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