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Polyextrude - transform extruded front - by attribute


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inside a polyextrude SOP node i have ticked the "transform extruded front" option and i want to scale depending on the @primnum, but the attribute is not recognized. i am using this expression

fit(rand(@primnum * 123), 0.0, 1.0, 0.2, 1.2)

there is no zscale attribute equivalent, how can i go about this without creating a foreach loop?

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C is here the Center point (prim center), substracting it will the prim center to zero.

M is an orientation matrix (rotation) constructed by the normal of the prim and the difference vector between the first and second point. It should represent the orientation of the primitive.

Applying transpose(M) is the inverse of M, which makes the prim X,Y,Z aligned.

Now we can perform our scale just on x and y.

After scale we apply M and add C to transform the prim back to original position.


P.S. M is not a rotation in this case (determinant(M) = -1 ~ reflection) but this does not matter.

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