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RBD fractured objects issue!


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In an RBD simulation, I would like to control the transform/rotation of the elements, to stop them from moving forever. The fractures travel too far away..!

I tried to use the "Drag" node, but it's hard to achieve the right value in its parameters!

So what's the best solution to fix it?


Actually, I want to achieve a falling behavior like what they made in this TVC:


Thanks for helping.

RBD Limiting Drag_02.hip

RBD Limiting Drag.jpg

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Hi Atom,

Thanks for the reply.
I think it does not look natural. I don't want to reduce the velocity of all parts at a time.

The fractures must continue their motion (Transform/Rotation) at a normal speed (after they collide with the ground). Then each part's velocity has to be decreased in a short time based on their mass...

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Hi Tesan,

Thank you for the reply.
You know, I don't want to modify the Glue constraints and "distance" factor. They just control the power of keeping fractures together and so on...
I would like to limit whatever makes them moving/rotating that much.

RBD Limiting Drag 2.jpg

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43 minutes ago, Librarian said:

@Masoud  check this ex from nick regarding sleeping and rest and from sidfx you have some more



Hi there,
I think, forcing the elements to sleep works fine with the sphere shape pieces, but when you have fractured (rock shape) pieces, they would sleep in a bad position.

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