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There is a problem with extruding seams lines or applying carves


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Thank you @atom.
To help you understand, I am attaching the shape I want to make.
With polyextrude2D it will extrude back and forth, then you need to cut half of the shape. So I don't want it.
I want to make it using seams of edge groups of boolen



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further explanation
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PolyExpand2D is not like PolyExtrude, they are different nodes. PolyExpand allows you to "widen" a curve shape, like your Boolean edges. You have options with PolyExpand2D also to determine if the output is 2 separate curves (inside/outside), or a skinned surface. You can use 2 PolyExpand2D nodes to create the extended shape in your example, the first to offset the edge/curve, and the second that generates the surface.

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Thanks @Fenolis.
However, PolyExpand2D is not the way I want it to be.

I solved the problem of overlapping faces by controlling the normal, but I was wondering if there is a more concise way.

And I'm curious as to why the faces are flipped when using polyextrude with a carve node.

For me, it's important to know the cause of the problem.

(I know there are many different ways.)

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Thanks @Librarian
I looked through the files, but the problem still remains.
I am attaching an additional image because my explanation may have been insufficient. 


@iasm6419  <---- P.S. How do you make a yellow “name tag”?


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