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Moving to US soon, best way to travel with PC


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Hey guys,
I'm moving to US in a couple months, and I'm wondering what would be the best way to take my computer, first thing I thought is using some styrofoam / cloth to cover th case,
and drop it in a suitcase, probably taking off the GPUs, processor and RAM to be safer.
Idea is to travel every 3 or 6 months, so trying to figure out the best way to handle my machine, any thoughts? I also thought about getting a good laptop,
but never worked with laptops before and I know they will never be as potent as a desktop machine.
My pc specs (gonna change soon, but want to take it to US for the first months)
AMD Threadripper 2990wx
128 GB Ram
2 GeForce GTX 2080Ti Hybrid
Also got a 34 curved monitor, but probably better to leave this at my country and buy a new one there.
Any tips / thoughts will be super helpful Thank you!
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I have a video editor friend who travels with his mac pro. He uses a soft case and the airline treats it as luggage. I think I'd leave all the parts in place and buy whatever insurance the flight might offer.

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I would have removed the gpus atleast. The hdds doesnt have that mutch room to move around i guess and your case is solid enough to keep them in place. You could setup an rbd sim an check out how things fly around inside the case :P

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If your PC is watercooled, I think the processor will be safer at the motherboard than the cables of the watercooler hitting everything! 

If is an air cooler, best probably to remove the processor, the shaking along with the mass of the dissipator may cause some problem. 

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