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Particles Attracted to separate spheres


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Hello all,

I'm working on a particle sim where I have a disc of swirling particles, and I want the particles to eventually clump into 5 separate "clumps".

I can do this with one object, using the POP Attract node. However, I'm sure there is a more elegant way to do this with VEX.

Anyone else do this type of effect?



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You can create points for the clump centers and then perform a point cloud lookup to assign your particles to each clump. From there it's easy to create a force that pushes the particles toward the clump centers.

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I like using pop_steer_seek instead of pop_attract because it has a braking feature when approaching a goal. If you scatter equal number of points on the spheres, you can fetch the position of those points within the simulation and supply them as a goal that the input points will seek.



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