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Can't post and I'm told I'm new to the server?

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Hi, I got a question on an old thread of mine and tried to answer, but it does not work, the post I type does not become visible. This is the thread I try to answer to:

I'm no longer active much since I moved on from Houdini to realtime software.
My account somehow seems to have reverted to absolute "newbie"...???

Cheers and thanks for any pointers what the issue could be.


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All of our ranks were reset on a forum upgrade sadly. However that shouldn't stop you from replying.... I don't see the response, perhaps there's something else going on?

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I just tried again:
I enter my text, click on Submit, then I'm transported to the top of the page, but my post doesn't show up when I scroll back down.

The editor still has my text in it when I click on it again, but that doesn't help me much.

Can you maybe try to post on the thread? Did that update break more stuff maybe?

Not superimportant, like I said, I moved on to realtime graphics in VVVV, just wanted to answer the user who posted there...



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