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How can I select the particles reside on the fluid surface?


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Hello guys,

I want to apply some effects to the "low-density" particles that reach the surface (like bubbles), so how can I select them?

Is there any microsolver that helps?

I think measuring the SDF can't help because the side walls of the container are close to the particles, too.


Thanks for helping.


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For say, I need to apply some effects, only to the water's surface, in a cup.

So I don't need that effect, where the fluid contacts the container, thus I need an attribute that shows particles on the top of the fluid surface.

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@Masoud Yes  I get it , air field system   and Use in Sop solver inside Your Dop to define yours groups water and Density Mass . You have Files here on Forum or Sidefx forum or Peoples post some strange HDA on web, you can Find if I can . I would make so.. it works in Cup too. Here its just some dir and amp on vel-...If you mean Like This ..a lot to tweeek.. IDK :wub:


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