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Poor Man's Circle Packing


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lately I got flooded with links and references about rhino-scripted topologies.


Being a learned product designer Rhino sits here on my shelf and - well it's sitting there.


Why scripting, if I can use the magic of Houdini?


What's missing? At least the cuttings.

Maybe I find a local laser cutter shop or another rapid prototyping facility to make this more contemporary.

I hope you like it regardless being just virtual.

The project generated some spin offs, which I will be posting the next days.


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Some Details:

The base idea is to convert each primitive of a geometry into a 'circle'. I'll explain this in detail in an article I will be posting soon.

I didn't use PBR - just two spot lights.

I rendered a shadow pass for the floor and the structure and comp'd it in Houdini.

I spend the last two days trying to animate this quick hack.

My first aproach was to build the items as nurbs, which resulted in tearing seams when being animated.

I tried any way to build a ring like geometry I could imagine but everything failed.

Digitallysane kindly reminded me of the third input of the sweepSOP this morning.

Here are two movies:

The flipping structue:


The non flipping structure:



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This is similar to something I did in response to a question before.

This is very smart - where is this question?

But I am glad I didn't read it - I would have missed a lot of fun.

I didn't know one needs two primitive sops to get rid of the sharp corner.


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It wasn't here. Nothing much, someone wanted to do "circles" akin to some real life art they had an online pic of.

An idea I had for it was to kinda like inject bubbles into the system via particles or something. But I never got around to it.

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