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simultaneous particle emmision

wiked lo

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in impulse activation try pulse($F,1,2) .....set your impulse birthrate to however many points you have, or just set it to a random value

refer to your bible in the menu bar ...help > tutorial & user guide > expression cookbook

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Sometimes you want to duplicate the behaviour of the old particle SOP where you want to birth the exact number of points on a piece of geometry but don't want to use the softbody POP. You can reference in to an object in the Impulse Birth Rate with a npoints() functon:

Impulse Activation: $FF==1

Impulse Birth Rate: npoints("/obj/model/my_reference_sop")

To explain $FF version of the current frame. It returns a floating point value. An important touch with POPs. If you just use $F which returns an integer frame value and you up the oversampling in pop's, then $F will be true between $F=0.5 to 1.5. That means you will get more particles than you bargained for as POPs will evaluate at the sub-frame level.

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