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Side Effects Software - Development Positions

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Side Effects Software is a world-leader in the development of 3D and 2D computer animation and visual effects software for the Hollywood film market. We are a privately held Canadian corporation with offices in Toronto and Santa Monica. Since our incorporation in 1987, we have been developing solutions that significantly extend the realm of possibilities in computer animation and special effects. Our Houdini software has been used in the creation of the visual effects in many films including The Lord of the Rings, X-Men II, The Matrix, Spiderman, and Titanic.

Our Research and Development team has received a number of prestigious industry awards for the development of Houdini, including two Technical Achievement Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and four back-to-back Editors' Choice Innovation Awards from Computer Graphics World Magazine. Moreover, feature films using our tools have received the Oscar? for Best Visual Effects in five of the past six years.

In support of recent growth, Side Effects Software has a number of contract and full-time (FT) positions available on its R&D team:

Team Leader (Software) (1 FT)

3+ years SW development experience plus 2+ years management experience

Senior Software Developers (1 FT, 1 contract)

5+ years experience in software development, preferably with some 3D experience

Software Developers (1 FT, 2 contract)

2-5 years experience in software development

Associate Software Developers (1 FT, 2 contract)

1-2 years experience in software development

Quality Assurance Manager (1 FT)

2+ years SW development experience plus 2+ years management or QA experience

System Administrator (1 FT)

shell programming experience plus familiarity with Linux and Windows

Production Specialist (Houdini Technical Support) (1 FT, 1 contract)

2+ years Houdini production experience

Senior Technical Writer (1 FT)

3+ years writing technical documentation for computer graphics applications. Experience with Framemaker, html, and Photoshop.

Located near Richmond and Spadina in downtown Toronto, Side Effects Software offers a first-class working environment with a competitive salary. R&D projects exist in the areas of modeling (creation of 3D geometry), animation (time-based motion tools), character tools (creation and manipulation of characters -- both photorealistic and cartoon-like), 2D image manipulation (paint and compositing technology), particle effects (simulation of fire, smoke, rain, and other natural phenomena), and dynamics/simulation (including physically-based simulation such as cloth, fluids, and rigid-body dynamics).

All software development candidates should have expertise in C++ combined with an exceptional academic background in mathematics and computer science. The six contract positions are in support of Houdini's use on an all-CG feature film by a Toronto-based customer. The contract is for an 18-month period with the possibility of full-time employment at Side Effects Software following the completion of the project. Only one application is required from each candidate ? feel free to list multiple positions on your application.

All applications should be submitted by email in Word, PDF, or text formats. If you graduated within the last five years, please include a summary of your overall and final-year GPA for all post-secondary institutions that you have attended. Official transcripts are not required for interview purposes, but will be required as a condition of employment. Applications should be sent by email to recruiting@sidefx.com. The deadline for applications is May 20, 2003. Applicants must be legally eligible to work in Canada.

For more information on our company and its products, please see our web site at www.sidefx.com.

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Has to be one of the best areas in Toronto for good eats. You can find almost anything within a 10 minute walk. :D

I have a lot of ideas and thoughts I would love to share with those developers.

Start as many threads as it takes please! We are listening and now is the time.

This is very good news for all of us.

Mind if we plug this elsewhere?

Not at all. You can feature this up front. On top of the R&D needs though, I need someone to help me on support here in Toronto, contract or hire. Flogging my own horse again... :rolleyes:


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