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Found 4 results

  1. KS_Feather

    I want to share a little tool I made for grooming feathers. Its a set of 6 nodes, one base node and 5 modifiers. Super easy to use. Just connect them and.. there you go - you got yourself a pretty little feather. You can layer modifiers as many as you want. Any feedback is super appreciated. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8v05sgdlo5erh0b/AADSfadqkxgPOBVeaGr2O49Oa?dl=0
  2. HELP! Knit with strands

    I've done the tutorial of entagma, which is great. I also tried the setup of arjanM. I like his setup more. The only thing is i can't get the strands working after OUT_Knit. I've attached my file. In the file there are two setups: one of entagma and on the right side the alternative. Who can help me to get it working? Knit-alternative_v0100.hipnc
  3. Wanted to share a fun technique for emitting curves with stringy behavior using pop grains. It's fast and stable so you can simulate many strands interacting together. Using the explicit constraints feature of popGrains, primitives that constrain the points are made on the fly during each timestep in a sop solver. Hope this is fun and/or useful to some of you Link to render and hip file: Vimeo Link -Nema emittingStrands.hipnc
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to the Houdini game but have been working in the industry for a while. I'm currently making the long overdue transition onto Houdini from Softimage, so please bare with me I have a question that I'm hoping some of you can help me out with. My aim is to build the structure that I have attached to this post. My initial thoughts are: - To build the rough shape as a repeatable pattern (completed this so far and attached it!), - from this surface/volume I emit a bunch of points and link them up with a corresponding point to make a line. - Do some fancy noise/turbulence and yet still keep the overall volume / shape / flow . It's this last stage I'm having the most trouble with, I can't get a decent noise that still maintains the volume. I'm also unable to really flow the points around/within the curvature of the mesh in a way that matches the reference. I'm still really new to Houdini so I'm sure I'm missing some obvious tricks. Does anyone have any ideas? It's worth pointing out that I've been looking at the methods of generating lines via volume trails and at least from what I can see, the curl-noise doesn't seem to do it? It's a nice effect but not the right look. I imagine it would be something more a long these lines but I still need to figure out the shapematching / flow aspect of it. https://vimeo.com/190948059 Regards, Tim BuildStrandVolume.hipnc