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my question is why isn't the 'better' copy stamping with loops set up as a shelf tool / tab menu option yet... much easier to learn that way if you are stepped through it.

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I want all the hscript and expression scripts as listed in the help, to have the equivalent python hom version referenced next to them, perhaps an example script if something is just a few lines of code. Might as well have the vex one's too where applicable. Also maybe have the new hom/vex references point back at their old counterparts, too.

I'm not saying depreciate expression and hscript at this point, but it is really test my googling skills when I want to find the equivalent python/vex version. Sometimes you have to do something silly in one language that may not be optimal in a certain case, but would simplify the whole operation otherwise, instead of you jumping in and out of multiple languages and context to do it. 

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