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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I have been working on a motion vector pass for Volumes in Houdini specially for version13 for few days now, and after looking at some forums and and files with little bit of tweaking I have a version. Two Actually. Please look at the pass in action in the video Below. I just want to know, what more to do and what to tweak need to be done to it (& how) to make this production usable. I have uploaded the file below, if you want to look at the file/ tweak it. Please suggest, which one is more usable, the one with Full Opacity filtering or the other one? And what do I do abiut the jitter on the pass? Thanks in advance for the help, and thanks to the people whose posts I refered to, to reach this far as I am just few weeks old with houdini.motionVectors2v2.hip
  2. Hi, in houdini 13 - Environment Light is Not Showing in up in the Viewport?? is there anything else other than the Viewing options (display)? Kind Regads
  3. Hi! I'm writing a plugin for Houdini. I'm trying to update my code to go from Houdini 12 to Houdini 13. Basically, I need to gather information about particle systems present in a scene. Previously, a particle system could be created, for instance, using an Emitter from the Create Particles shelf. Then, I was working with the SOP_Node of type popnet located in /obj/particle_location1/popnet1 (default names) to create a GU_Detail gdp and get all sort of information by calling functions like gdp->getParticleCount(). Now, I know users can still create Pop Network - Old within Houdini 13, but if they want to use the new Location Particle Emitter from the new Particles shelf or if they want to use the new Pop Network, I would like to be able to gather information about particle systems created that way. When looking at the Tree View in Houdini 13, the structure seems a lot more complicated than in Houdini 12, with this new AutoDopNetwork. So every particle system (created using the new Location Particle Emitter from the new Particles shelf) has its own location, each one containing popsource2 and single_point. Can someone tell me where and how I could gather information about those particle systems? To begin with, just getting the particle count would be awesome! Thanks to all of you! Julie
  4. Hi, how can I make an attribute wich was generated with an attribute create available inside a POP network? Neither with the old style POP nor the new one the created attribute appear in the detail view. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Cheers and a good day.
  5. Hi All, I'm currently facing a simple problem: Does the POPs object able to collide with Packed fractured objects ? Attached is a simple file all created by shelf. I thought it collides by default but not. The only way came up to my mind is to unpack the packed object and make the POP simulation inside another DOP, collide with unpacked SOP. Houdini 13.0.288 Thanks. popCollisionWithPacked_H13.hip
  6. Hi, I've been trying to figure this out for a few days, but no success. It was a sceen with flip simulation that recieve vel from curve. Somehow my flip decided to completely stop moving around frame 287. I use Houdini 13.0.237 Thanks custom_vel_test.hip
  7. I am a little confused, just stated learning houdini and jumped onto houdini 13 and i am stumped how to edit a glue network. the network itself is different from houdini 12.5 and i would like to edit the network but am stumped.i would like to partially dissolve the glue network in this test file. any help/suggestion is much appreciated glue_network_v2_glue.hipnc
  8. hello, Someone know why the foam from whitewater doesnt dispear in houdini 13? only can be dispear using Life Expectancy in whitewater_emitter but that is not normal, must dispear using foam> min life span and max lifespan, i have tried 0,1 (default are 2,4)... probally is buged? i am using houdini 13.0.237, in H 12,5 the foam works fine and dispear... thanks in advance Carlos
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