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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I want to create height maps from a number of objects. Here is my setup: Switch SOP has $F-1 in select input to change objects over time. My plan was to process each object frame by frame via Simple Baker, but I'm getting three identical maps baked from the current frame only. What am I doing wrong? Is there a good method to automatically bake a bunch of maps in Houdini?
  2. Hi all, I have a script that can do some cooking and timing in Houdini. However, right now I can only run it in UI mode. Is it possible to run my script using the houdini command line? Something like: houdini -batch -file "somefile.hip" - script "somescript.py"
  3. Hello folks, so, i have a bunch of houdini file with a top node at OBJ level, all file have the same structure and are in the same folder I would like to cook the TOP node from external, Python or another TOP graph. I tried in a background script to access with hou.node('/obj/topnet').parm('cookbutton').pressButton(), but it seems that doesn't cook anything Any idea ? Thanks in advance
  4. i am trying to render out specific frames from my timeline, can this be automated and saved out to disk? i would like to have control over which frames exactly or control via a pattern, for example per 10 frames render
  5. So my understanding is you can use command line tools to render out a frame or frame range like so hrender -e -f 4 39 -v -d your_ROP path_to_file/with_no_spaces_in_name.hip and also a batch file after creating your batch file first. What changes would you need to make if you are using a GPU renderer like Redshift or Octane?
  6. Hello I'm sending alembic rops to hqueue and there's a lot of preroll. Even with alfred-style progress turned on, I have no feedback on what's going on. I was thinking that I could add a python node to write to the stdout (which I though would show up in the hqueue logs) like so: import sys f= hou.frame() sys.stdout.write('frame: '+str(f) + '\n') But it doesn't work. Any ideas ? When I start houdini with the -foreground option (so that the shell it launches from doesn't spawn a new process and should receive outputs) and write to stdout, it only shows up in the python console Thanks
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