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Found 7 results

  1. CentOS for Linux newcomer?

    Hi everyone, I've been thinking about migrating Houdini from Win10 to Linux for a long time (because in some sense I think is more of its natural environment and of course because of performance reasons) and I think I'll finally do it next days. I'm also learning Resolve / Fusion and Renderman, so the safe bet seems to be CentOS 7, as it's directly supported by these three sets of applications. BUT i have read terror stories about CentOS regarding nvidia/amd drivers installation hell, old software, not so user-friendly as Mint, bad desktop experiencie because it is server oriented, etc. I have to say I had Linux on my main machine for a couple of years a decade ago I finally removed it because I really didn't enjoy losing time fixing things after each update (I'm not implying is always like that or anymore, lots of years have passed since then). Also, I think is worth saying this machine is meant to be used only for 3D. What do you think? Any of you working with Houdini on CentOS? Thanks!
  2. Centos 7 CUDA

    Hi, I recently switched from Mint to Centos 7. I have a doubt that if installing CUDA driver is needed to get the open cl performance out of the graphics card? I successfully disabled the nouveau driver and installed the Nvidia driver 390.87. But I get some errors when installing the cuda driver. Do I really need to install cuda driver to get the best performance from the graphics card? Thanks!
  3. Hello, just installed 15.5.673 on Centos/MATE and I dont get the desktop icons. Even if i run the python script inside /opt/hfsxx.x.xxx, I get some errors. Anyone else experiencing the same? Thanx
  4. Hi Fresh Centos 7 install + MATE. In the process of configuring. I can see my external drives under Places >Devices and can browse them on the desktop. However, from with Houdini when I File >Open I can't see these devices. Is this a Houdini preference thing or some configuration with my desktop?
  5. Hi About to install Centos on a new 1TB SSD. First question, which version should I download and do I need to install the ISO on some type of boot media? https://www.centos.org/download/ Decided I will go with 3 partitions 1 root ext4 15GB 2 swap disk of 8GB (I have 64GB RAM) 3 home /home partition to fill remaining space For my Nvidia drivers am going to follow these convoluted steps http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/centos-7-nvidia.html Any Linux experts care to provide any feedback on the above? In particular, is there any shortcut for installing graphics drivers? BTW, I HAVE purchased the Linux course from cmivfx and am going thru it.
  6. HQueue on Linux on NAS!

    Hey Peeps, I know this will sound weird but has anyone ever run HQueue on centos on a NAS, such as QNAP TS-253A-4G (see amazon link), it contains a celeron processor with 4GB ram. I note from the description of the NAS that it runs ubunto out of the box, but i have seen centos mentioned as being able to run within "container station" a QNAP app. My setups so far is two i7-4790's both running dual boot windows and centos, with a local houdini install. I would love for them to both become render nodes with HQserver running on the NAS. I know most people say just run HQserver on one of the nodes but I want the nodes to do just rendering without any overhead from the HQserver, also all of the rendered output will be stored on the NAS so it makes sense if it can also run the HQserver. I don't know the minium specs for the HQserver but if i upgraded the ram on the NAS to 8GB it might be enought to pull this off.... If anyone has any info on the minimum processor/ram for HQserver please let me know, or if anyone has a QNAP NAS that can run linux, please share your expereiences of linux on NAS.... ciao Albin HO
  7. Hqueue mixed farm

    hey I have a running render farm using hqueue, so far its working fine (all win7 clients). but I like to switch to linux now. and cant get the linux clients to pick up jobs. they all have all needed share mounted and are listed under clients. they even getting these maintenance jobs, but no render jobs submitted from a win7 workstation. Ive tried centos 6.5 and mint 17.1. any ideas?